WALK ON THE CITY WALLS (Half Day Afternoon)

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Istanbul Walking Tours

Experience an exciting private tour of Istanbul with a friendly personal guide from e-istanbultours. See this incredibly diverse city with a private guide who knows all of Istanbul as only locals do.Bridging the continents of Europe and Asia, Istanbul offers your private or regular tour a wealth of history, but your guide can also show you this city's vibrant urban culture. Enjoy an unforgettable private or regular tour of Istanbul that suits YOUR interests.

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WALK ON THE CITY WALLS (Half Day Afternoon)

The best place to feel the antiquities are city walls. Our stroll through history begins in Yedikule Fortress - Dungeons where many diplomats were imprisoned when the Ottoman Empire declared war on that country. Not only diplomats – but some Ottoman sultans were also put in jail and executed in some of the dungeons here! What else? We see the Gates of the walls, the cemetery of the Orthodox Patriarchs and the miraculous Ayazma of Balikli, some Works of Architect Sinan, and more churches. Highlight of the tour is the opportunity to walk on the historic walls. First, we walk on the walls in theYedikule Fortress, than we walk over a kilometer from Belgrate Gate to Silivri Gate - This will definitely keep your feet on the ground.

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